Providing the industries best service support with simplified RMA process is our core strength. To ensure you receive the most reliable service, many of our products can be repaired through our global network of Authorized Service Providers (ASP). Magnizon Authorized ASP repair in-warranty and out-of-warranty products or products that have failed due to non-warrantable parts or conditions. Our Warranty period begins with the date of invoice, Magnizon will repair or replace products covered under this limited warranty that are returned to Magnizon facility or to an authorized service providers (ASP’s) facility, or that are repaired on site by an Magnizon authorized repair person. All our ASP’s fully equipped with necessary spare parts and well trained service engineers will be more than happy to assist our customers with most professional way. Our standard warranty does not includes the on-site support, meaning all the services will be return to purchase base i.e. distributor place or ware house or local ASP’s work station. Any on-site support required by the customers is all chargeable basis depending on the time, distance and other miscellaneous needs. Please contact our customer support or local ASP’s to assist on such requirements.


To request warranty service, contact Magnizon Technical Support at SUPPORT@Magnizon.com. Note: Authorized Service Provider do not supply or sell parts, boards or components to third parties or end users; their mandate is to repair certain Magnizon products to factory specification with outmost quality of work. In the event of a product failure, the customer will need to work with your local distributor or point of sale or local APS’s. If you are unable to contact your merchant, or the merchant is unable to provide service, contact Magnizon directly at support@Magnizon.com. Magnizon Technical Support representative or local ASP to perform the necessary troubleshooting. This is a required step before a return can be performed. Troubleshooting requires a qualified technician to be present at the site of the product, with necessary tools such as DMM, Clamp meters etc. A request for an RMA number requires all of the following information: • Duly filled RMA request form (online or XL form) • Proof of purchase in the form of a copy of original product purchase invoice confirming the product description, model number and serial numbers. • Detailed description of the problem (may use the field failure report with pictures in its required) Upon receiving this information, the Magnizon representative can issue an RMA number. If, upon receipt of the product, Magnizon determines the product or product part is defective and that the defect is covered under the terms of this warranty, Magnizon will then and only then ship a repaired or replacement product or product part to the purchaser freight prepaid, non-expedited, using a carrier of Magnizon choice, when applicable Magnizon will repair or replace the product at Magnizon option and ship the repaired or replaced product back to you at no charge. The warranty period of any repaired or replacement product or product part is remainder of the initial warranty term. This warranty is void for any product that has been modified by the customer without authorization by Magnizon. A product with a voided warranty will be treated the same as one with an expired warranty.


Though our warranties are with 2 years, products are designed to operate at least 10-15 years (25 years in case of solar panels). Meaning, support after warranty period is very key for a customer. If product is out of warranty, Magnizon will extend all necessary support to repair such units. All services by ASPs or Magnizon, spares etc are chargeable basis.