Limited Warranties are provided by Magnizon Power Systems Ltd ("Magnizon") and our Authorized Distributors/Service partners. Magnizon liability for any defective product, or any product part, shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the product, at Magnizon discretion. Magnizon does not warrant or guarantee workmanship performed by any person or firm installing its products. This warranty does not cover the costs of installation, removal, shipping (except as described below), or reinstallation of products or parts of products.


These warranties last for a Warranty Period that varies by product from the date of purchase at point of sale to you, the original end user customer. Following are the standard warranties: • UPS (both 1-ph & 3-Ph) & Battery packs- 2 Years • Inverters/Chargers- 2 Years • Solar Hybrid Inverters & MPPT charge controllers, series inverters & chargers -2 Years • Solar panels (mono & poly) -25 Years • On-grid inverters -5years • Deep Cycle GEL/Tubular batteries -2 Years • AVRs (both 1-ph & 3-ph) -2 Years • Integrated solar street lights (All in One) – 2 Years • Solar water heaters -10 Years • Solar water pumping stations – 2 Years • DC Systems & battery chargers – 2 Years Please contact Magnizon Power Customer Service at SUPPORT@Magnizon.com for further details on specific products.


Magnizon will, at its option, repair or replace the defective product free of charge, provided that you notify Magnizon of the product defect within the Warranty Period for your product, and provided that Magnizon through inspection establishes the existence of such a defect and that it is covered by the Limited Warranty. In cases where an Magnizon dealer or distributor replaces a product with a new product, Magnizon will not compensate that dealer or distributor with new stock unless the exchange was authorized in advance by Magnizon. The warranty period of any repaired or replacement product or product part is remainder of the initial warranty term. This warranty is void for any product that has been modified by the customer without authorization by Magnizon. A product with a voided warranty will be treated the same as one with an expired warranty. Magnizon Limited Warranties do not cover normal wear and tear of the product or costs related to the removal, installation, or troubleshooting of the customer's electrical systems. These warranties do not apply to and Magnizon Power Systems Ltd will not be responsible for any defect in or damage to • Alteration or Disassembly • Normal Wear and Tear • Accident or Abuse • Installation & Removal • Corrosion • Lightning • Repair or service provided by an unauthorized repair facility • Operation or installation contrary to manufacturer product instructions • Fire, Floods or Acts of God • Shipping or Transportation • Incidental or consequential damage caused by other components of the power system • Any product whose serial number has been altered, defaced or removed • Input voltage that creates operating conditions beyond the maximum or minimum limits listed in the Magnizon Power Systems product specifications including high input voltage from generators and lightning strikes • The product if repairs have been done to it other than by Magnizon Power Systems Ltd or its authorized service provider


MAGNIZON LIMITED WARRANTIES ARE THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY PROVIDED BY MAGNIZON/AUTHORISED SERVICE PARTNER IN CONNECTION WITH YOUR MAGNIZON PRODUCT AND ARE, WHERE PERMITTED BY LAW, IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, CONDITIONS, GUARANTEES, REPRESENTATIONS, OBLIGATIONS AND LIABILITIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE IN CONNECTION WITH THE PRODUCT, HOWEVER ARISING (WHETHER BY CONTRACT, TORT, NEGLIGENCE, PRINCIPLES OF MANUFACTURER'S LIABILITY, OPERATION OF LAW, CONDUCT, STATEMENT OR OTHERWISE), INCLUDING WITHOUT RESTRICTION ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF QUALITY, MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE TO THE EXTENT REQUIRED UNDER APPLICABLE LAW TO APPLY TO THE PRODUCT SHALL BE LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE PERIOD STIPULATED UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. IN NO EVENT WILL MAGNIZON POWER SYSTEMS BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, LOSSES, COSTS OR EXPENSES HOWEVER ARISING WHETHER IN CONTRACT OR TORT INCLUDING WITHOUT RESTRICTION ANY ECONOMIC LOSSES OF ANY KIND, ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, ANY PERSONAL INJURY, ANY DAMAGE OR INJURY ARISING FROM OR AS A RESULT OF MISUSE OR ABUSE, OR THE INCORRECT INSTALLATION, INTEGRATION OR OPERATION OF THE PRODUCT. WARNING: LIMITATIONS ON USE Please refer to your product user manual for limitations on uses of the product. Specifically, please note that Magnizon products are not intended for use in connection with life support systems unless specified by the authorized person of Magnizon and Magnizon makes no warranty or representation in connection with any use of the product for such purposes. The individual user should take care to determine prior to use whether this device is suitable, adequate or safe for the use intended. Because individual applications are subject to great variation, Magnizon makes no representation or warranty as to the suitability or fitness of these devices for any specific applications unless it’s been specifically mentioned by the qualified personnel from Magnizon. The policy of Magnizon is one of continuous improvement. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Disposal Instructions In the event the product is at the end of its service life, we recommend the following disposal instructions: As a general rule, do not dispose of or discard the product along with ordinary household garbage or organic waste. Always follow regional, national, and/ or local waste disposal directives concerning disposing, discarding, or recycling of equipment containing electronic and electrical components.