Utility Grade PV solution


Magnizon provides highly integrated solutions for large-scale centralized Solar PV power Plants. Usually installation capacity of this PV system is larger than 1MW and connected to the MV/HV utility grid through step-up transformer. More than the solar power plant, there is complex MV/HV substation architectures, switchgears, power transformers, CTs, PTs, Control switch gear, Sub-Station distribution BUS, plant and control station protection systems plays major rolls and needs high end expertise to handle the design, engineering, procurement, supply installation, testing and commissioning of the entire system. Magnizon provides single window solution for all your Utility grade Solar PV power plants.


For larger capacity solar PV plants, arranging a massive land and preparation of ground is a regular challenge. Most of the times lots of elevation differences such as hillsides and hills, there may be shadows cast by peaks or high buildings. The output consistency of photovoltaic modules in these situations cannot be guaranteed and the amount of power generated will be greatly affected. Therefore, the use of Smart inverters with multiple channel advanced MPPT function is essential. For high capacity power stations such as 10MW and above, a distributed inverter solution is recommended. Since distributed inverters utilize centralized on-grid techniques, besides having a good cost efficiency, it also has higher conversion efficiency and power quality and is suitable for use in large power stations. As for smaller power stations, string-type inverters are a good solution. When using string or distributed inverter solutions, there should be a MPPT channel for every 2-4 stringed modules. When compared to central inverters with a MPPT channel for every 500kW, it is able to better track the output power of the photovoltaic panels and greatly increases the amount of power generated by the system. The outdoor distributed power generation unit uses a container solution which integrates functions such as protection, heat dissipation, fire protection , lighting, power distribution, and monitoring devices into one and is easy and convenient to install and maintain, and enables the quick delivery of power stations.


  • Utility grade Solar PV systems ranging from 1MW to 100KW (can go upto 1GW)
  • SVG function with fast response to the reactive power control.
  • Dynamic synchronization with national grid with island protection.
  • Highly integrated solution for centralized PV power plant.
  • Integrated container inverter, low investment for the system.
  • High reliability of more than 99% availability over 25 years.
  • Wide verities of solar panels and mounting structures available to suite to roof top/ground mount/car parking units etc.
  • Low noise, low maintenance and No running cost, so that system can be in peace and harmony with the household.
  • Outdoor rated IP65 rating with wide operating temperatures makes simple installation process and doesn’t need any dedicated inverter/switch gear room.
  • 25-30years of energy independence with 3-4years of ROI makes our solution a big asset.
  • Smart power plant monitoring and control systems enables easy maintenance and service of the plant.
  • Modular architecture of the solar PV power plant to switchgear to transformers gives almost negligible down time during sub-station service/repair/maintenance.
  • Thanks to Magnizon mobile APP(both iOS and Android versions) the online smart service make the service more easier than ever, more than 60% system problem can be solved and debugged without on-site travelling, which not only save time but also save labor cost.
  • On-line upgrades and real time big data analysis with 5years yield data storage on hourly/daily/monthly/yearly as required.
  • Small size and easy installation, friendly system and easy operation.
  • Real-time monitoring from APP or Website through GPRS or WiFi.

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