Corporate Overview


Our vision is to be known as the industry leader in secure power & sustainable energy products through setting industry standards for excellence in the products we make and services we provide. We will constantly be tuned to our customers needs through our flexibility, innovation and commitment to outstanding overall customer service.


Promote clean & green energy, environmental friendly products and solutions. Consistently provide our customers with high quality, efficient & reliable products and solutions with incorporation of latest technology. Help improve our customer’s productivity and profitability with high quality, on time, competitively priced power products.


Integrity – honoring commitments made to our customers and vendors in our daily activities. Creating an environment where personal responsibility is achieved in all aspects of the business through fairness and respect. Customer Satisfaction – Being proactive, innovative and flexible in creating processes and plans to meet or exceed customer expectations. Understanding our customer’s requirements and delivering it continuously. People / Teamwork – Our competitive advantage is generated by our people. Empowering our people with a learning environment where ideas and knowledge is shared and executed in order to better our work environment and customer satisfaction. Welcoming change, taking pride in everything we do and delivering best practices to all areas of Sunset. Quality – Strive for continuous quality improvements with every product we produce. We are committed to providing superior service with the highest quality workmanship by adopting ISO9001 & TQM methods. Partnering – Integrating our manufacturing practices to meet our customer’s demands in a timely, cost efficient manner. One in which is mutually beneficial for both Magnizon Power Systems and our customer’s. Constant communication and planning is the essential to creating the true business partnerships we are successful in developing.