Small Office & Home Power applications

With the high precision UPS backup power equipment and high quality, cost-effective lead-acid batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries, Magnizon Power Systems products stands unique for high end LCD TV, 3d TV, music systems, micro controller based loads and control systems, small computer rooms, MDF, IDF, CC TV, Access IT, Banking and ATM applications etc. Tailor made solutions for any secure power demands with all kinds of back-up energy for the global customers.

Solar Hybrid Solution

Magnizon Power Systems’s patented product seris of HSP with 32bit micro controller based advanced control system allows users to choose the solar mode & UPS mode operations to enahnce the usability of solar energy.

Solar Mode: Load will be suppoerted through solar panels (1st priority), even though utility or generator presents. If no SUN /cloudy/night times, load will be supported through Batteries (2nd priority). When the batteries discharges to its safe level, load will be transferred to the Utilty (3rd priority). While unit is on utility, it will support the load and also charges the batteries. When batteries are fully charged then, load will go to the battery mode. DSP controlled system makes the evry single operation automatic with almost negligible transition time without droping the critical loads.