Industrial application

More and more precision equipment’s are applied in modern factories, and manufacturing process relies more and more on IT technologies, all of these bring the requirement of power supply reliability. The load types in modern factories are complex and different load may require different power condition. It’s important to choose suitable power supply for critical loads to insure the manufacturing process. Meanwhile, due to the factory field condition, the power supply protection degree and system function are also important.

  • UPS system
  • Power distribution unit
  • Battery banks
  • Monitoring system

The critical equipments in modern factories can be divided into the following

  1. Precision industrial equipments, such as semiconductor packaging machine, SMT machine, etc.
  2. Process management system, such as DCS system, remote monitoring and control system, etc.
  3. Factory IT system, such as ERP, PLM, etc.

Below lay out shows Magnizon Power Systems solution for modern factory.

The power source from the utility and the generator are ed by the ATS (automatic transfer switch) and connected to the PDU (Power distribution unit). ATS will choose one of the sources to feed the connected equipment’s according to utility condition and customer setting. Basically Magnizon Power Systems recommends the customer to separate the PDU for industrial loads and factory IT system. Generally speaking, UPS paralleling system is necessary for precision industrial load. In case of influence, the process management system can be separated by using independent UPS system.

According to different condition, the factory IT system can be powered by the same UPS system as process management system or an independent UPS system. Similar to datacenters, there are many growing loads in industrial application, so the flexibility of the power supply system is becoming more and more important.