With energy sources depleting at a rate faster than they are being built, it is only wise that we use the abundant energy available for free – the solar energy. Another biggest challenge is how to face the un-scheduled power outages that brings daily life to standstill. Answer is green energy solutions with 100% free fuel, environmental friendly solar solutions by Magnizon Power Systems. Magnizon Power Systems provides standard solutions for those in need of solar power for their homes. We made the solar power as simple and yet affordable starting from 100Wp solution to 12KW standard solutions. Magnizon Power Systems expertise in customizing the complete off-grid tailor made solutions for remote houses, form houses, villas, recreation clubs, small business units etc.

Benefits and Features of Magnizon Power Systems home solutions

  • Operating cost is ZERO.
  • Maintenance cost is almost negligible except periodical cleaning of the panel.
  • High efficiency and reliability.
  • Flexible for future enhancement.
  • Free engineering and site survey assistance for any custom built solar home power solutions.
  • Extended Warranty supports.

Magnizon Power Systems On-Grid solution

  1. Grid tie PV panel installation
  2. Grid tie inverter
  3. Transfer switch
  4. Protected loads/appliances
  5. Backup system batteries
  6. Backup system inverter
  7. Unsecured loads which require high power connection
  8. Export meter
  9. Normal meter
This is quite a complex system that combines the ability to sell electricity back to the grid via the export meter (8) with backup power should the grid fail. The electricity generated by standard grid tie photovoltaic systems designed to export power can't be used when there's a power cut. This is because they are designed to protect the grid from making it live when there's a problem or scheduled maintenance. This system overcomes this problem by transferring the power produced by the solar panels to the secured backup side (4) The protected/secured side is fed power by a second, non grid tie inverter (6) that draws it's power from the batteries. When the solar panel power is transferred to the secured side the grid tie inverter (2) thinks that the output from the backup inverter (6) is the grid and injects it's power into the secured side. There's nothing more embarrassing than having 20K worth of solar panels on your roof and no power when there's a power cut and it's sunny!

Magnizon Power Systems OFF-Grid solution

Major Components

  1. Solar panels
  2. Solar charge controller
  3. Battery Bank
  4. DC/AC Inverter
  5. Optional DG set(in case of continuous rainy environments)
System works with simplest control system., Off-grid solar power stores DC electricity in batteries. An inverter allows this stored DC electrical current coming from the batteries into AC or alternating current. AC is the standard form of electricity for anything that "plugs in" to utility power and is the appropriate current for common household appliances. While AC off-grid solar power systems are more expensive compared to the On-grid solar systems because of the cost of the inverter and batteries.