3-Ph Hot Swappable Modular UPS- 30KVA to 300KVA
The MURM300/30K Modular UPS provides the most compact footprint of less than 2? with maximum capacity of 900KVA with competitive price and high performance. It has been leading the domestic market in proven high reliability and most advanced technology for years. With its upgrade, the MURM300/30K is set to offer better protection for large data centers, as well as for sensitive electrical loads.


  • Capacities from 30kVA/27KW to 300kVA/270KW in 30kVA modular steps, N+1 Redundancy (up to 270kVA)
  • Full DSP control of high stability, reliability and safety
  • Friendly human machine interface with colorful touch screen of 10.4 inches
  • Independent LCD display for each power module with self-starting function
  • Integrated IGBT module with improved performance and reduced size
  • Automatically record the critical wave information when fault happen, easy for trouble shooting
  • Monitor runtime of critical components, such as fans and capacitors, settable alarm for service period
  • Self-Aging mode for full load test with less than 10% of the total power capacity needed
  • Maximum availability - ‘Six nines’ (99.9999%) availability by uniquely combining the benefits of parallel
  • redundancy and ‘hot-swap’ modularity to ensure 24/7 power availability.
  • High energy efficiency total flexibility & low total cost of ownership – The combination of high energy efficiency up to 98% and scalable flexibility using ‘hot-swap’ modules ensures that MURM300/30K offers a low total cost of ownership.
  • UPS modules can be simply added, in cost effective incremental steps as the critical load power requirement grows. This ensures the UPS is ‘rightsized’ at initial installation, reducing the system’s initial cost, optimizing its operating efficiency and reducing ongoing operating costs.
  • Smart charging management system, intelligently control the whole process of the charging and discharging effectively improve the life time of the battery
  • Independent charger for batteries, intelligent battery management system
  • Battery cold start, UPS can be powered on from the battery without utility
  • Totally front access, top and bottom cable connection
  • Quick and simple power upgrade or repair by ‘Hot-Swapping’ modules while the UPS is online maximizes availability and simplifies system upgrades
  • High operating efficiency across a wide load range (90% to 95% efficiency from 25% partial load to 100% full load) reduces system running costs and site air conditioning costs, reducing CO2 emissions.
  • High power density with footprints of less than 2㎡ up to 900KVA in parallel, 30KVA power module with height of only 3U
  • 0.9 Output power factor and 0.99 ~ unity power factor at Input side
  • Low input harmonic distortion (THDi<3%)


  • Critical applications wherever higher reliability is needed
  • Medical & lifesaving equipments
  • Data centers Larger computer rooms
  • Industrial & Petrochemical application
  • Banking & Telecommunication
  • Power Generation & distribution stations





Main input

Input voltage


Input Frequency Range


Power Factor

Full load>0.99 , Half load >0. 98


THDi <3%

Input power soft-start function

5-30s settable

Input Voltage Ranges

228V-476V-20%- +25% Full load linear de-rating at -25% to -40%; can take 70% load at -40%

Frequency Range



Battery Voltage

±240VDC(Default),12V Battery 40pcs can be choose

Charge Current

1 to 12.5Amp DC per module @ 480V DC bus

Charge Voltage accuracy

± 1%


Bypass Input voltage

380/400/415VAC 3-phase 4-wire

Voltage Ranges

Default value is -20%-+15%, -40%, -30%, -10% - +10%, other ranges can be set via software

Overload Capacity

150%,long term operation,150%<load<180%,more than 1 hour ,load>1000% 100ms

ISO 9001:2005

ISO 14000:2005