About Us

Magnizon Power Systems is a global manufacturer of green energy products and solutions for people, organizations, manufacturing, and banking, hospitals, Utilities and heavy manufacturing industries that depend on their technology. From uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) ranging 500VA to 900KVA, Servo based AVRs ranging from 1KVA to 3000KVA, inverter/charger systems ranging 1KW to 12KW, deep cycle GEL/VRLA/Ni-Cd batteries, Solar panels ranging 5Wp to 350Wp, Solar water heaters 100ltrs to 3000ltrs, Solar street lights and Solar water pumping solutions, we offer more than 700+ products that enable our customers to organize and protect their critical loads and electronic equipment’s.

Product trainings

Magnizon Power Systems manufacturing capabilities of 100,000 power supplies each month including UPS, power inverter, stabilizer/AVR and battery charger with power levels from 0.5KVA to 900KVA. Magnizon Power Systems optimizes Just in Time (JIT) resource planning and inventory control and supports its customers with minimized lead-times and flexible delivery schedules. Having strong OEM contracts with larger production shop floors with sophisticated manufacturing equipments across China, Taiwan, Korea & Germany enable us to support with large volume production in lesser lead times.

Quality Assurance

Magnizon Power Systems’s facilities are certified by ISO9001, and its products are also recognized by CE, UL, TUV, CSA, FCC etc. to assure quality and safety. Magnizon Power Systems’s modern facilities incorporate world-class manufacturing capabilities and technologies to produce high quality power supplies.

  • SMT Systems
  • Solder Paste Screen Systems
  • In-circuit Auto-test Systems
  • Automated Parts Storage & Retrieval Systems
  • Wave Solder Systems
  • Burn-in Racks
  • Automatic Test Systems


Thank you & congratulations for doing your part for the environment in choosing “Magnizon Power Systems” green energy solutions. This will save significant CO2 emission over its service life. We guarantee you will enjoy your new Solar Power System, which has been designed for your comfort, safety and peace of mind. Below fact table is self-explanatory of concept of green energy!







Approximate reduction in your electricity cost per annum*






Approximate CO2 Saving over 25 years

41,250 kg





*Based on a typical energy efficient home consuming 12Wh/day globally.
*Based on isolation date, at optimal tilt and orientation, using highest Wp system sizes.
*Estimate 1kw/hr = 1.13kg CO2
* UPS upto 98% efficiency even for larger capacities till 4000KVA

Why Magnizon Power Systems

Magnizon Power Systems takes pride in its expertise to offer high quality power supplies for all purpose applications. We welcome you to contact Magnizon Power Systems to obtain professional technology assistances.

Magnizon Power Systems is confident to be your outstanding solution provider through:

  • Designed for Each country specific needs.
  • Modular designs with high quality materials from Germany, Italy and US.
  • Detailed O&M manuals in local languages.
  • Real-time technology supports from dedicated and trained engineer team
  • Customized product design and support.
  • Readily available spare parts for all product ranges.
  • Simple service and RMA process.
  • One stop solution for all secure power & green energy solution.
  • Flexibility to suit your roof size and your budget.
  • Adds value to your home - a capital investment, in your home.
  • Energy security for 25 years.
  • Rapid response to pre-sales and after-sales requests.
  • Cyclone rated (corrugated metal roof only).
  • A worldwide spread market network.
  • Easily installed to suit tile or corrugated metal roofs.
  • Ultra low maintenance.
  • Fully warranty. Up to 25 years on modules and 2-10 years on other products.
  • Designed and engineered by “Magnizon Power Systems”


Magnizon Power Systems core competency in manufacturing the power products with very unique designs and highly reliable products that you can bank on. Below are the range of products that we can support you:

  • UPS 650VA to 900kVA with 0.9 power factor and 2 years warranty.
  • Pure sine wave Inverters/chargers (with large LCD front panel) with large charge current upto 100Amp - 1KW to 12KW range (suitable for solar/wind/diesel generators) with 2 years warranty.
  • Solar hybrid pure sine wave inverters with built in MPPT charge controllers( with large LCD front panel) 1KVA to 20KVA with 2 years warranty.
  • Industrial grade servo based AVR 1KVA to 3000KVA with 2 years warranty
  • Solar panels 5Wp to 350Wp with 25 years warranty (solar cells are from GERMANY)
  • Solar water heaters 100ltrs to 30000ltrs capacity with 10 years warranty.
  • Solar water pump solutions with 5 years warranty.
  • Deep cycle GEL batteries with 2 years replacement warranty suitable for UPS/inverters/Solar applications.
  • DC systems for telecom & industrial needs with 3 years warranty.